Words to the Westphalia Waltz

In English and
(In polish)

Characters not printable in ASCII have been represented phonetically
Note: all "i" sound like "E" and all "W" sound like "V"

From a sheet of words given to me by Tom Loper, years ago.... doesn't seem to fit the tune (as we play it, anyway) but it's all I've got!

Childern, cover your ears!

A lady is asking
(Pytala sie pani)

A young doctor
(Mwodego doktora)

Is it better to give in the morning
(Czy lepiej dac' z rana)

Or better at night
(Czy lepiej z wieczora)

At night it's great to give
(Wieczorem dobrze dac')

So that you can sleep better
(By lepiej shieow sparzo)

And then repeat in the morning
(A z ranem poprawich)

So that it will be well remembered
(By shieow spamieowntawo)


All the fish are in the lake
(Wszystkie rybki sa v jeziorze)

Rum ta ra Rum ta ra ra

My old lady can sleep no more
(Mo ja stara spach nie morze)

Rum ta ra Rum ta ra ra

And you old man play your guitar
(A ty stary nie grej w gitari)

Rum ta ra Rum ta ra ra