Paul Van Arsdale at Evart (recordings)
  MP3 files

These are recordings from three jams at the 2010 FunFest in Evart Michigan.  They are the property of Paul Van Arsdale and his heirs. 

They are here with Paul's permission, freely available for personal use.  Commercial use is prohibited.  

They are MP3 files and should play in any PC or MP3 player that can play MP3s by clicking on the individual MP3 files in either a PC or a Mac. 

To download on a PC, right click the file and select "download".  To download on a Mac, either right click or control click the file and select download. 

For the techies, the recordings were made direct to hard drive, using a Lexicon U82S and Reaper multitrack recording/editing software.  Mics used were two AKG-414s in spaced cardioid configuration on Paul's dulcimer and Shure SM81s on other instruments. 

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